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The Story  Of  Wez – Young People's Counselling

Where he started

When Wez’s parents spilt up, he was really upset and it seemed to affect every area of his life. School became unbearable; he found it difficult to concentrate; he couldn't talk to friends and started dropping out of lessons.

Seeking help

One of Wez's teachers referred him to Relate’s Young People's Counselling service – a safe space where young people can get the emotional support they need for any issue they might be facing.

Wez met with a counsellor once a week who listened to him and gave him the support he desperately needed. Wez found talking to a stranger difficult at first but slowly things started to change.

Without the help that I was given then, I couldn't possibly be who I am today. Relate gave me the encouragement I needed to carry on when I was at my lowest point, and I can’t thank them enough. Wez

Where he is now

For the past two years, since Wez completed his counselling, he’s been part of a Relate support group that works with young people in similar circumstances.

I used to think counselling was for crazy people, probably from seeing stuff on TV, but it's just talking to someone. My parents were so angry with each other it felt like nobody cared about how I felt, but the counsellor was there every week to listen. Wez

How we can help

If like Wez you like to talk to someone, there are various ways we can help.

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