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This year I will.......

5th January 2015

This year I will.......

THIS IS THE YEAR I WILL ………As the clocks chime out the end of December it is easy to reel off a list of New Year Resolutions to make our lives better. In 2015 I will be slimmer! I will be nicer! I will swap my wine bottle for fruit juice and Iwill save money! Enthusiastically we join gyms, buy e-cigarettes and smile kindly at our families. But by the middle of the month many resolutions have been watered down, at best, and a sense of frustration and failure adds to the general gloom of dark January days.

Pamela Crust, Centre Manager and Counsellor at Relate Medway and North Kent says:, “The trouble is we tend to throw ourselves into Resolutions at a time when the weather, post-Christmas blues and empty bank accounts mean we are under enough pressure already. Instead of unrealistic expectations we should set long term goals, and work towards them gently.”

Some common Resolutions are:

This is the year I will lose weight:

Consider joining a local slimming club – the sense of doing it together can be an incentive, and even make it fun. Don’t be hard on yourself if you have a bad day.

I will get fit:

Before spending out on a gym try walking more, using stairs instead of escalators and doing exercises at home. Make time for swimming: depending on your circumstances you may get reduced rates, or even swim for free.

I will stop smoking:

Contact your GP to find out what help is available free in your area.

I will meet The One:

Resolve any issues you have with past hurts first, and don’t rush into anything. Enjoy getting to know a new partner and ensure you are right for each other. If not, move on.

I will stop arguing with my partner:

Make time for each other and really listen to what you are both saying. Don’t play blame games, and consider seeking help.

Relate Counsellors are specially trained to help with all relationship issues you may have – with partners, children, family and friends – as well as individual anxieties and disorders.

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